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Monday, September 20, 2010

The Limerick Summary: 2010 Albertsons Boise Open

Winner: Hunter Haas

Around the greater world of golf: José Manuel Lara won the Austrian GolfOpen, his first victory on the European Tour; Mi-Jeong Jeon won the Munsingwear Ladies Tokai Classic on the JLPGA; Jiyai Shin won the KLPGA Championship; and the eternally-young Laura Davies won yet another one at the LET's Open de España Femenino (the Women's Spanish Open). The Constructivist has info on the JLPGA, and I suspect both he and Hound Dog will have more info on the ladies events in the next day or so.

There may not have been a PGA event this week, but I decided that would not deter my efforts to limericize (is that even a word?) an event this week. I chose the Nationwide's Albertsons Boise Open, which is one of the four oldest events on that tour. And it turned out to be a pretty interesting one, even if you didn't include Golf Channel's "Announcer Lite" experiment on Saturday's broadcast. (I have to say, I missed the announcers at times although I liked hearing more from the players. Perhaps the best answer is something in-between.)

In the end, it came down to a duel between Daniel Summerhays (the only person ever to have won on the Nationwide as an amateur) and Hunter Haas, who won just three weeks ago at the Price Cutter Charity Championship. Haas shot -7 to catch Summerhays (who shot -3) in the last couple of holes and eke out a one-stroke victory. The win moved Haas to #4 on the money list, pretty much locking up a Tour card for him. We'll soon be seeing how well he does out among the sharks on the PGA. (And before you cry too much for Summerhays, he moved up to #8 -- which puts him in pretty good shape with only 6 events left.)

Of course, the coverage wouldn't have been complete without constant reminders that Hunter Haas is not related to Jay Haas or Bill Haas... which played into this week's limerick very well:
Though he’s no kin to Bill or to Jay,
We’ve seen this act on their dossier.
With two wins this year
And a Tour card quite near,
This Hunter will soon be fresh prey!


  1. Did you know there are 13 multiple winners in the world of women's golf thus far this season? All of this week's winners are high on my list (but not #1):

  2. Thanks for the post url, since you didn't have it up when I posted. But I have to say... I AM SHOCKED! You mean Ai Miyazato isn't your #1 pick? Isn't that almost like cheating on your wife? ;-)

  3. What did you think of the "announcer lite" broadcast on Saturday ? Personally, I'm not sure how you make a half-arsed attempt at NOT having announcers for a sporting event, but that's what xxx Golf Channel did. All the little beeps and whistles and other noises they ran just in case you didn't know you were watching TGC were annoying. Then cutting away from the action they weren't talking about to have Jerry Foltz do a phone interview with anotehr player. Amazing.

    The problem isn't so much having announcers calling golf - it's that the announcers are so bad AND they talk too much.

  4. I liked hearing more from the players, but I would have liked to hear more from the announcers as well. I don't like endless chatter, but even bad announcing can add something to the broadcast if it's done at the right moment. The players don't always say out loud why they chose a certain club or made a certain play... and I don't like having to read everything from a graphic.

    What I really hate is when the announcers tell me that a shot "just wasn't up to his standards" or some such crap. Suppose the player had a tougher lie than we could see and was actually pleased with the result? And yet there's a lot of "color commentary" that I enjoy hearing during a broadcast; I think it's just a balancing act that each station has to work out on its own, depending on who works for it.

    Maybe I'm just not as picky as a lot of people are about the announcers. I actually like a lot of the Golf Channel announcers, despite how much abuse they get in the various blogs I read; for example, I'll take Steve Sands over Curtis Strange any day. Curtis may be more knowledgeable, but I think Steve comes across much better and is underestimated as an interviewer. ;-)