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Saturday, October 16, 2010

imMediate Impact

Photo of Rocco from

As in Rocco Mediate. (You should be smiling, big boy!) Just when it looked like Brittany Lincicome was going to steal the show this week with her record-setting 11-under 61 on Thursday (unfortunately, she followed it up with a 4-over 76 Friday), the Rocco Show came back on the air after a two-year absence. Unlike Brittany -- who admittedly had to try and follow a personal-best score (bested by 3 strokes, at that!) -- Rocco followed Thursday's 7-under 64 with a 6-under 65.

Pretty good stuff from a guy who's been battling the putter for quite a while. He's back to the short putter, in case you hadn't heard -- and he's using it like he was born to it. After 27 putts in Thursday's round, he took a mere 23 putts on Friday! He's drained more than a few long putts as well. He credited the turnaround to a little help from fellow player Scott Piercy, who snapped a chalk line under his putter and showed him he was "outside, open and up," as Rocco put it. (For those of you who are interested, having a square putter at impact, making a long low stroke, and avoiding a "cut putt" are three of the seven things I found that most great putters agree on. You can check the full list of basic putting principles here.)

Rocco also got some help learning to cut the ball from Lee Trevino earlier this year. (He usually hits a draw.) That's helping him get his wedges closer... so he can make even better use of that rediscovered putting stroke.

It's nice to see Rocco back in contention... but that's not all. Tied for third, only four strokes back, is none other than David Duval. After posting 68-65, David is in position to make a run at a win. Despite hitting only 57% of his fairways, David's hit 75% of his greens and made it count by taking only 27 putts in each round.

Nothing like a couple of flashbacks to perk up the late season golf scene, is it? Although I'm extremely interested to see if Cristie Kerr can snag a win this week and retake the #1 position in the world rankings (a feat Jiyai Shin could pull off if she wins in Japan and Cristie doesn't finish high enough), the leaderboard is loaded with all kinds of good stories this weekend. Fortunately, Golf Channel is showing them one after the other...

Looks like another couch potato weekend. ;-)

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