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Monday, October 18, 2010

The Limerick Summary: 2010 Open

Winner: Rocco Mediate

Around the greater world of golf: Padraig Harrington won the Iskandar Johor Open on the Asian Tour, his first win on any tour in two years; Sun-Ju Ahn won the Fujitsu Ladies on the JLPGA, her fourth win of the season (she beat Jiyai Shin by seven, guaranteeing that Shin won't be #1 in the world this time -- the Constructivist has the details); Richard Green seemingly came from nowhere to win the Portugal Masters on the ET; Jason Gore won the Nationwide Tour's Miccosukee Championship; and rookie Beatriz Recari won her first LPGA event at the CVS/pharmacy LPGA Challenge. (Hound Dog has more details on this event.) Cristie Kerr finished T5 -- not enough to grab #1. And Carling Coffing (from Big Break) had a rough final round and posted T53 -- still, a respectable finish for her first-ever LPGA event.

Rocco Mediate photoHe had led for three days... and holed out for eagle on each. Appropriately, he had a three-shot lead. It almost looked like a done deal for Rocco Mediate to get his first win in eight years. (Photo: Robert Laberge/Getty Images)

Going +5 in the first 12 holes of his last round Sunday put an end to that fairy tale, however. The cold and rain came with a vengeance... just the sort of thing a guy with a bad back doesn't need to see. If Rocco wanted this one, it wasn't going to be easy.

Perhaps smelling blood (or was it just Ben-Gay?), all the young sharks began circling. Kevin Stadler and Graham DeLaet made the first runs at our man Rocco, only to drop back. Then Rickie Fowler, Bo Van Pelt, Alex Prugh, and Chris Tidland began their charges... and they didn't drop back. Rocco found himself fighting a several-way tie for the lead at 12-under until Fowler posted at -13, setting the mark.

Rocco finally made a birdie (his first of the day) at the par-3 16th to tie Van Pelt and Fowler at -13... and then it happened. Lightning struck again as Rocco holed out for yet another eagle on the drivable par-4 17th. That meant Rocco had holed out every round this week:
  • a hole-in-one on the par-3 3rd Thursday
  • a hole-out from the fairway on the par-4 4th Friday
  • a hole-out on the par-5 15th Saturday
  • a hole-out on the par-4 17th Sunday
An eagle each round! WOW! Apparently shocked by the turn of events, Van Pelt three-putted for par after a great tee shot on 17, while Prugh made his eagle. The threesome left the 17th with Rocco at -15 and the other two at -13.

Then, on the par-4 18th, Rocco missed his birdie putt to win. Both Van Pelt and Prugh sank their birdie putts to force Rocco to par... which he did! The gallery was rocking big time at the finish. As the announcers noted, Rocco is so popular that it's easy to forget this is only his 6th win on Tour.

So it looks like Rocco will keep his Tour card for another two years... just about long enough to make it to the Champions Tour. And Rocco will tell you that's fine with him... and then he'll head off to sign some more autographs before he starts celebrating. So let me hurry up and post the Limerick Summary before he goes:
Job pressures on Tour were alleviated
By the victory Rocco appropriated.
A hole-out a day
Sent a Tour card his way—
By Monday I’ll bet he’s inebriated. ;-)


  1. Yay Rocco! He is one of the guys I would love to play a round of golf and share a pint with. He seems like he puts whoever he's with at ease. I think I might poop myself if I played with Phil or Tiger and I doubt they would stick around for a round at the 19th :-D

  2. They certainly wouldn't stay around if you pooped yourself. (Note to self: Wear rubber pants next time you play with the big boys...) ;-D