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Thursday, December 9, 2010

No Bikinis in Dubai

Well, not that I'm aware of, anyhow. But the ladies are playing in Dubai this week, and it's an interesting leaderboard.

Photo of Maria VerchenovaAt the time I'm writing this (it's late, folks), the second round is just underway and Maria Verchenova from Russia is one of the leaders. It's possible you've heard of her; I think she's the only female pro from Russia on the LET. As you might expect, Russia doesn't have the development system in place that exists in many other countries. That makes the fact that she's played the LET since 2007 pretty impressive to me. She's scheduled to go back to the LET's Q-School next week, but a win this week would certainly change that.

Ok, boys -- you can stop staring at her picture now. Back to the post...

Photo of Carling CoffingFour Americans are under par in Dubai -- Michelle Wie, Christina Kim, Lexi Thompson, and leading the pack is none other than Carling Coffing. Some of you may remember that she won Big Break: Sandals Resorts. She's had Type I diabetes since she was five, which does put a crimp on attempts to play competitive golf. But she plays the LPGA Futures Tour (her status is A-1 there), and she's been playing pretty well in the few "big tour" events she's been in this year.

With the LPGA Q-School going on this week, this is the main "regular" golf tournament for the ladies. If you want to keep up with it, Golf Channel is showing repeat coverage during the day. Of course, if you can't watch, you can always check the online leaderboard. Just pop over to the LET homepage and click on the "Live Scoring Monitor" button in the right column.

If it's as cold where you are as it is here in North Carolina, at least you can watch some warm weather and lovely ladies.

No bikinis, though. That may be a Dubai thing.


  1. Do they normally play in bikinis on the LET ? I just became a fan ! :-) Verchanova is stunning, but Florentyna Parker from England ain't bad either, and had the first round lead.

    Don't forget Melissa "The Snake" Reid - also playing well.

    And then there's Michelle Wie. Skipped the LPGA Tour Championship (way to support your tour, Michelle) in order to take the appearance fee in Dubai. She gave the excuse that her back just wasn't feeling good...a few days before Dubai...she was seen practicing in Palm Springs over Thanksgiving and at Stanford. OH ! And this week is finals at Stanford. Quite the student, isn't she ? Things just don't change with her. Hit a bad shot and out comes the limp or she has to rub and stretch the back. Hit a good shot next and the limp disappears and she stands up straight. (and the commentators insist on calling her "champion")

    Kind of a shocker, seeing Carling Coffing that high up a leaderboard. She rarely had that kind of start on the Duramed Futures Tour. Love to see her keep it up.

    Sara Brown (also from Big Break) is in the final stage of LET Q-school, too)

  2. All the sand just made me think of beaches and bikinis. I'm already tired of cold weather...

    I caught a little of the rebroadcast this morning and Wie wasn't swinging well at all. I'm thinking she may have to have some major treatment for that back -- she wasn't able to turn much at all.

    Actually, Carling had a good LPGA start at the CVS; she just couldn't keep it up. But she did make the cut and finish between 50 and 60. Not bad for her first time.

    And I would bet that Sara Brown gets her card. That girl's a tough competitor! I think several Big Breakers (like Blair O'Neal) are going to Q-Schools this month. I won't be surprised if quite a few make it.

  3. Ok - shame on you for getting our hopes up about gorgeous golfers in bikinis ! Not nice at all.

  4. Well... the post is called "No Bikinis in Dubai."

    I did look for some pics, however. ;-)