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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Yes, I'm taking a holiday, but let's get the year started off right. I have a little golf and a little music for you!

First, I've seen a few posts on various blogs about tricked-out golf carts. Well, I've found the golf cart to end all golf carts! Remember the Tumbler (aka the tank-like Batmobile from the recent Dark Knight movies)? Well, apparently Marc Irvin of Marc's Creature Company, a special effects business in Santa Clarita CA, decided the Dark Knight needed a golf cart as well. You guys can have those prissy little fake limos most cart companies are selling -- I want me one of these babies. Meet the mini-Tumbler, people!

And now, the music: To me, New Year's Day is both exciting and scary. There are so many possibilities ahead of me... and so many of them can go wrong. And I mean wrong in a big way. Given my fascination with animation and SFX, I couldn't resist starting the year with a short monster movie. Here's a "bubble gum rock" music video featuring The Apples in Stereo, shot by Will Vinton Studios (the guys responsible for the California Raisin commercials). It's a parody of King Kong and Godzilla movies starring the Powerpuff Girls, called Signal in the Sky. (And trust me -- if your system's powerful enough, set the player to 720p and watch it full screen. It's a blast!):

Welcome to 2011, everybody! As the song says, "Let's go!"


  1. Now that's a golf cart ! I wonder where he'd put a couple of mounts for clubs ? And how about using it as a shortcut over small hazards on the course ?

  2. It looks to me like there's enough room over the rear wheels outside the rear suspension. They could use a tilt rack -- put the bags on a rack behind the wheels and tilt it forward so it angles toward the cab. Then, when you stop and want a club, you just pivot the entire rack backward so the bags are easy to get into.

    But they have to get that jet working. Forget the small hazards -- you could jump some fairly wide ones with that baby!