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Thursday, February 10, 2011

1 + 2 + 3 = ?

It's well after midnight, but I can't wait any longer. The Omega Dubai Desert Classic has begun but, according to the live leaderboard, the "featured group" won't be teeing off for maybe another 3 hours

Of course, that featured group includes the top 3 players in the world -- at least the current top 3 on the OWGR. I've been getting a kick listening to the debates over which player will be most motivated to play well the first two days of the tournament:
  • Lee Westwood hasn't carried the #1 title particularly well so far, so he has something to prove.
  • Martin Kaymer hasn't played with Tiger before, so he has something to prove.
  • Tiger hasn't played well in over a year, so he has something to prove.
Isn't that amazing? They all have "something to prove." I must admit that I'm terribly impressed by the sheer overpowering logic of these arguments.

Hmmm... I wonder if Sergio has anything to prove? He's been pretty well written off for the last two years or so.

Or maybe Alvaro Quiros. He's been so close to winning lately -- he's had 3 Top 10s in his last four events, and finished second just last week. I bet he's got something to prove, too.

Todd Hamilton is tied for the lead (-2) as I write this. He hasn't won since the 2004 Open Championship. Do you think he has something to prove?

I suppose we could add Colin Montgomerie and Jeev Milkha Singh and Ben Curtis and... ooh, ooh, how about Nick Dougherty? He's only 363 in the OWGR, but he's got 3 wins and was supposed to be one of the "young guns" not that long ago.

And then there's Thomas Bjorn. Everybody's been saying that he just got lucky when he won last week. OK, all together now: "I BET HE'S GOT SOMETHING TO PROVE!"

Well, they can prove all they want. My money's on Miguel Angel Jimenez to notch another win this week. And do you know why?

Because he's probably strutting around the course, puffing on an expensive cigar and planning what wine he'll have with dinner. I don't think he has anything to prove at all. ;-)


  1. the old definition of insanity - doing the same thing again and again, but hoping for a different result.

    these artificial pairings don't work. Never have - never will. These guys aren't looking to butt heads on Thursday and Friday. They are positioning themselves for the weekend.

    people THINK this is a great thing - but what they really want is to see these guys all in contention on the weekend. artificial groupings like this aren't going to provide the sparks you see on the weekend.

    The guy who got left out of the spotlight - Rory McIlroy - was on the other side of the draw and he torched the course.

  2. The "other side" was the place to be today. I heard there was a 1.5 shot advantage for Rory's draw. (Of course, that changes on Friday.)

    As I have said before, I should never try to pick winners. MAJ was doing great until he hit two bad shots on his 2nd nine. Two doubles against four birdies -- not good!

    BTW, what'dya think about Sergio? I know it's too early to say he's turned the corner yet, but these last couple of weeks are certainly promising. As best I can find out, he's gone to something like a claw grip with his putter...

    It certainly looks like it's working for him.

  3. hey - that's why they play 18 holes. sometimes you start bad and finish good - sometimes the other way's never the same.

    Terrific round from Sergio - but I heard his interview after the round and he still sounds like he's in a depressed funk. Maybe he just doesn't want to let himself get too excited and thinking he's going to be winning again real soon ?

  4. That's what I think. Some of his comments over the past couple of weeks sound like he's tempering his enthusiasm -- saying things like he expects good days and bad days, it's a process, etc.

    Still, it's really nice to see him playing well again.

  5. Tournaments are always better when Sergio is playing well. His enthusiasm is infections. As for the "Big 3", well not the real Big 3, they all seemed to be pretty chummy. Especially Westwood and Woods. They were chatting away throughout the entire round. If they are still paired together for the final two rounds and are in contention, then everybody wins.

  6. Lee and Tiger have been friends for quite a while. I suspect they were pretty happy to get this pairing.