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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dave Stockton on Putting

I ran across this short putting video from Dave Stockton while rummaging around the YouTube archives. And what does the great Dave Stockton recommend as a swing thought while you putt?

"You make more putts when you don't care whether you make them or not." Why? Because then you relax, grip the club with less tension, and make a smoother stroke. It's logical advice.

Now if you can just stop caring so much about whether you drop that putt or not... ;-)


  1. I putted horribly during my last round. Partly because the greens were fast, but also because I think I did care too much. I was playing with the guys that introduce me to golf and I was trying to hard to show them how much I had improved. I was thinking way too much as was standing over my putts. Just another case of worrying about results instead of the process.

  2. At least you know you're not alone, Dex. Even the pros struggle with this one! ;-)