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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Totally Up in the Air

I won't be able to stay up late tonight and try to catch the LPGA live. But just like the PGA event in LA, it looks like everything is up in the air. Only Bernhard Langer looks likely to win now. So I'm just going to make a couple of predictions and we'll see how close I get.

Of course, we all know my record for picking winners, so I won't dwell on that...

My gut instinct at this point is that Yani Tseng will win in Thailand (although I expect Paula Creamer to push her) and Kevin Na will get his first PGA win Sunday, possibly in a playoff against Fred Couples.

Yeah, I can hear you now: "Go to bed, Mike... NOW!" But I'm writing this before the LPGA even tees off for their fourth round, so let's see if my crystal ball is working well or just cracked.

Alright, alright, I'm going to bed already! Geez, a guy gets a few delusions of grandeur and everybody turns on him... ;-)


  1. Good post Mike. I also picked Yani Tseng to win that tournament and Kevin Na is certainly due for his first win. I think we both have the same pick problem. I also make my posts and picks at 2,3,4:a.m. in the morning.LOL

  2. Well, bleary-eyed or not, Na is way past due. If he keeps knocking at the door, eventually somebody's gonna open it.

    And it doesn't matter what time it is, Yani is now a good pick any week. ;-)