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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Driving Lesson from Lee Trevino

I found this driving lesson from Lee Trevino. Trevino got criticized a lot for how different his swing was from the accepted standards of his time, but his style has become more acceptable lately -- especially since players like Rocco have used his short game techniques with a lot of success. And given that he won 6 majors against players like Nicklaus and Player, I think he knew what he was doing!

I'm not going to comment on this today because it's a fairly long video that covers a lot of ground. But you might find some useful info in it... and yes, a lot of it seems to contradict current thinking.

Actually, I don't think it really contradicts anything... but Lee describes things differently than a lot of teachers. Like I said, I'll come back to this video later and compare what he says to what some other teachers teach.


  1. On a side note, I've begun wondering if Trevino actually made the 1-iron quote attributed to him. Recently I came across a wikipedia article that said Trevino's quote came from close calls with lightning at the 1975 U.S. Open.(BTW he got struck by lightning one week later at the Western Open also in the Chicago area) So I did a little research via the google news. I found a Trevino quote on lightning attributed to him at the same US Open.

    Here's the link,4199867&dq=lightning+medinah+lee+trevino&hl=en

    Here's what Trevino said

    "Lightning will never strike me. God is on my side."

    It's not conclusive proof but it makes you wonder if the 1-iron quote is a myth.

    There's alot of myth telling in golf. Bob Hariq of ESPN wrote a column last year about an incident at the Pebble Beach that never happened. I emailed him about it. Hariq said well the story was what Palmer told him.

    Lee Elder made up stuff in a interview a few years ago that's disproved by quotes coming from him directly 40 years earlier when the so called incidents happened.

    I can mention lots of other stuff too but you're blog might crash. Golfers and journalists both will embellish or make up stuff.

  2. I was watching a tournament on the internet and the feed was from Sky Sports. A guest analyst was asked the question, "Do you think that the coverage of golf has changed for the better or the worse with all the technology we have today?"

    The guest was an "old school" guy and he said(paraphrasing), "what is lost, is the storytelling. With everyone tweeting and with all the cameras that are everywhere, journalist today just regurgitate what we have just seen. The television footage tells the story."

    He went onto say that "the writers of the past used to follow the players around in order to get the story. They were more descriptive. The art of storytelling is what is lacking in today's media."

    This is probably why some of the stories seemed embellished. They had no one checking their sources like we do now. We now have people emailing in info that is affecting the outcomes of some tournaments for goodness sakes. They told the story as they saw it. With the emotions that they were feeling. The facts may have been skewed a little, but the "story" was better because of it.

  3. I've been a credentialed blogger at two lPGA tournaments. At the second, Young Kim was in contention and playing in the next to laugh group and one of her playing partners was Cristie Kerr. In the final group were Annika, Creamer, and somebody else. Members of the media went out with that group. I went out with Kim and Kerr. This was a tournament in S. Florida, and Kerr is originally from Miami.

    After making birdie at the 6th hole she was tied for the lead. On the 7th hole, a par 3, her tee shot comes up 15-20 yards short and in the water. On the next hole she hits a god awful hook. She goes double bogey-double bogey.

    In spite of that, Kim rallied and missed a playoff by one shot. I was the only member of the media that knew what happened to Kim. She didn't do a press conference after play was over.

    The tournaments I blogged at, members of the media went 9 holes with the last group then go back to the media center.(I went out for 9 holes during both tournament's final rounds) Going all 18 holes, is not really recommended because players may finish strongly and early and you won't be there in the media room to do it.

  4. Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if Trevino did originate the quote, but at a later date. Lee has always been as much a comedian as a golfer, and all good comedians rewrite material to make it funnier.

    Trevino competed against Jack Nicklaus for majors... but he seems to have battled Yogi Berra for quotes. ;-)