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Friday, March 11, 2011

Golf VS March Madness

This will be a short post, for two reasons.

One, it's a rough weekend when it comes to sports. March Madness hits college football just in time to clash with the WGC -- Cadillac Championship. I find myself frantically flipping back and forth to catch the big names and see how they do at TPC Blue Monster (you gotta love that name!) without missing any important plays at the ACC Tournament (taking place in Greensboro NC, less than an hour from where I live) or any of the other games around the country. As it turned out Thursday, there were very few close ACC games at the same time as the WGC.

The other reason is the lack of play at the WGC. For those of you who didn't hear, TPC Blue Monster truly lived up to its name not for how hard it played (it actually played pretty easy Thursday) but because of the storm that blew thru the course. Winds gusted to 55mph, blowing trees and TV towers over. And the rain that fell was just enough to soften the course, and then the wind died down, which means we saw some amazing scoring...

At least, we did while they got to play. Only 11 players finished their rounds. The leader, Hunter Mahan, was at -7 after 11 holes. It's going to be another week of playing catch-up as they try to get the tournament back on track to finish on Sunday.

And the broadcast coverage will be opposite March Madness. The real madness will come from trying to watch it all at once.


  1. Sounds like you need a clicker with a faster response time to go between games.

    How's THIS for frustration ? I was bouncing between 5 games and the golf on Thursday, and time after time, when it was time for a commercial break, I would flip around and ALL SIX were in commercials. How is that possible ? Six live sporting events all in commercials ??

  2. I too have been a victim in this sad state of affairs, Court... and I know what's happening...

    It's a conspiracy. A deep, dark evil controlled by the Illuminati or some such shadow group. They're all in league with the devil.

    I know people don't believe there's a devil, but there's your proof -- he's in charge of programming commercials. ;-)

  3. Subjectivity is often the only way to account for some of these harder-to-measure factors in your March Madness picks. Keep an eye out for injuries especially when making March Madness predictions.

  4. I don't know, Mary. After BYU took down Gonzaga despite losing an important player, and after the unpredictable loss by Pitt, I don't think anything will help predict winners. ;-)