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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Keep an Eye on Tiger This Week

Ok, I'm not saying Tiger is going to win this week at Bay Hill. However, in case you missed some of the talk on Wednesday, let me tell you what I heard...

First of all, Tiger was apparently very chatty during the pre-tournament press conferences. Not only was he relaxed, but according to Golf Channel's Jay Coffin he was actually volunteering information during the presser. For Tiger to be this relaxed and -- dare we say it? -- open is certainly unusual, and given how much the press has dogged him about his swing... well, it's just odd.

Likewise, Charlie Rymer said he talked to Sean Foley earlier in the day and asked him what he expected from his most notorious student. Foley said bluntly that he didn't know, but he felt they were making daily progress on the range... and then he showed Charlie some footage of Tiger's practice. Rymer's take on the footage? He said that Tiger looked awfully good and that if he could take it to the course (that's always a problem, isn't it?) and maybe get some putts to fall, this could be an interesting week.

And finally, I heard Tiger say that he was trying to get his putting stroke back to the way his dad taught him to putt.

What does all this mean? Maybe nothing. But Tiger doesn't seem to have any real expectations this week -- he's been talking about how much the course has changed since he last played it -- so if he relaxes and just gets out of his own way...

We'll see, won't we?


  1. I heard that too, about Tiger going back to his old putting stroke. That should have been the one thing that remained the same. Change the swing if you want to, but the ability to knock down the pressure putts is what made Tiger, Tiger.

  2. That's why pro athletes need mental coaches, Dex. Only a shrink can understand why they take a great skill and screw it up... and then tell themselves that it's going to make them better! ;-)