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Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Little More About Tiger's Swing

In yesterday's post about the similarities between Tiger's and Sean O'Hair's swings, Lefty left a link to a Golf Digest article and slide sequence that compares all of Tiger's "incarnations." I believe it was Devil Ball Golf where I originally saw this video but, for those of you who missed it, here it is:

There are a few things I think are worth noting:
  • Tiger's original swing had a lot of movement to the right but not as much dipping, and he stays more centered between his feet throughout his entire swing.
  • In the "Butch" swing there's a lot of sliding movement to the left. Note that Tiger doesn't really turn his hips as well as in his original swing! His foot action isn't nearly as good either; Greg Norman originally moved his feet in much the same way (but with a better hip turn), and he also ended up changing his swing. Tiger won a lot with this swing, but (at least in the swing used for this sequence) this swing just looks painful to me.
  • The "Haney" swing has a lot of dipping but his hip turn and leg movement look much more like his original swing. Note that his finish is straighter, which would make it easier on his left knee. If it wasn't for the dipping, I would say this is actually a better swing than the "Butch" swing.
  • And in the "Foley" swing, he really is closer to his original swing than with either the "Butch" or "Haney" swing. This swing is very similar to his original swing except his weight is more on the left side than the right. Eliminate the dipping, and I believe this would actually be a better swing than he started with.
Those are just my observations, of course, but I have to say I like where this video seems to indicate Tiger is heading. His leg and hip action looks much more like his original swing, he seems much more balanced, and this swing looks like it will put less stress on that left knee. If he can just get rid of that dipping...

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