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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ben Crane's New Video... 'Nuff Said

Oh yeah, it's out. In case you missed it, here is Ben Crane's new video... a response to those who say he's boring:

I think he should keep the mustache. ;-)

Happy Easter, everybody!


  1. Forgive me if I re-post this. I love me some Ben Crane...And you're right, the mustache is the perfect touch. I'm thinking he might get his own reality show, but then again he might be too boring for that:-)

  2. Ben put it on YouTube, so of course it's ok to repost. If he didn't want it to circulate, he'd have disabled the "embed" feature.

    That mustache makes him look like he was on Starsky and Hutch back during the 70s. ;-)

  3. If he really wants to take it there, he should wear some of those outfits during tournament rounds.