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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ruthless Putting Now in EPUB

Well, it seems like it's taken forever, but I finally got my Ruthless Putting book in EPUB format.

Some of you may not understand why this is such a big deal. Let me enlighten you...

When I first wrote Ruthless Putting back in 2009, I only planned to put it out in paperback and a PDF version. In fact, previous to that time, ebooks of any kind weren't taken very seriously and I expected the paperback to be the biggest seller. However, on a whim, I decided to do a Kindle version. It was my first experience with an ebook that wasn't a PDF.

Ruthless Putting coverIt turned out to be a great idea. That was just about the time that Kindles started taking off in popularity, and the Kindle edition is now my bestselling version of the book. (The PDF is right behind, with the paperback trailing the pack. My, how times have changed!) However, the Kindle format is proprietary, which means Amazon owns it and I can't sell it direct without going through a lot of red tape (I can give away free stuff though, which is why you can get the companion Ruthless Chipping book from my site.)

EPUBs are a different matter. EPUB is an open format, which means anybody can make and sell them. And because of this, there are more ereaders using this format than any other. However, it's also more difficult to create a "clean" EPUB which runs well on all the different devices that use them -- which is almost all the ereaders except the Kindle. But after months of work, I finally figured out how to create clean EPUBs -- which means they pass a special format checking program -- and I can at long last make Ruthless Putting available that way.

Hopefully I'll have the Nook version available through in the next few days, but I've already got it available direct through the site (which has a much more detailed look at what's in the book) as well as through a new "Mike's Books" page here on the blog. The direct version will not only run on the Nook, but on the Kobo, the iPad, the Sony, and any other ereader that handles the EPUB format. And you can also read it on your PC or Mac using Adobe's free Digital Editions reader software; I've included a download link for it (as well as for the Adobe Acrobat reader you use for the PDF) on the "Mike's Books" page.

In case it matters to you, you can also print a hardcopy of the book using Digital Editions, if you prefer to read paper but don't want to pay the higher price of the book.

Oh, and for all you folks out there who already bought the book... THANKS! Several of you have written me emails to tell me how the book helped you, and that really means a lot to me. While I get feedback on the blog all the time, it's harder to know when a book is helpful to readers. So again, thanks! But I'd like to ask a favor, if I might:

Amazon uses reader reviews to help establish rankings, which obviously help sales. If any of you "satisfied customers" have a moment, could you pop over to Amazon and leave a short review on the Kindle edition? Amazon likes reviews to be helpful -- which means just writing "I liked this book" won't do much good -- but they don't have to be long. And since I'm not one to go nuts tooting my own horn -- I personally hate it when people spend all their time writing blog posts about how great their stuff is -- I'd appreciate it if any of you want to add a review.

So that's about all the personal horn-tooting you'll get from me about the new edition. Now back to the blog and the next book... ;-)

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  1. Congratulations to you for getting your book in a EPUB format. EPUB format is great for all the online readers unlike PDF. I think other ebooks should also be available in EPUB format so that ereaders make most out of it.