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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Conan Elliott on Turning

Conan Elliott is the Director of Instruction at Camas Meadows Golf Club in Camas WA. He did this video about proper turning in the golf swing. I've been talking a lot about how the upper body works, but proper lower body action is just as important:

You need to keep your swing motion and "weight shift" inside your stance for stability. I've written about that before, but this is a pretty good explanation of the details of the move.

If it sounds overly complicated to you, you'll find that the action is very similar to throwing a Frisbee with a full shoulder turn.

I hope you're starting to realize that a good golf swing doesn't have as much excess body movement as you may have thought. A well-balanced and stable swing is the best way to get both distance and accuracy.


  1. Good stuff! I feel that most of my problem with my driver is when I get outside of the slot and start swaying too much. I do pretty well on the backswing but I tend to get to anxious and I get way ahead of the ball on the follow through and pull it to the left. I'm starting to tell myself to stay behind the ball and it seems to be working.

  2. Your sway actually starts on your backswing, Dex. (At least, it does in the video you posted.) Don't worry, your balance will improve with our next "lesson."