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Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Couple of Thoughts on Seve

I stayed up late Friday night and was just going to bed when I heard that Seve had received the last rites. No one said he had died yet, and some people survive for several days afterward before they finally die.

As it turns out, the news must have come shortly after I turned out the light.

Seve was only about a year older than me, so I certainly feel he died too soon. But having not known him personally, I can only offer a few thoughts as a fan.

Seve was the patron saint of wild drivers everywhere. He certainly made it cool to be a short game wizard. But most of all, Seve made a difference in people's lives; that much is clear from the memories players are sharing as they deal with their grief.

Much has been made of Seve's struggle with his full swing during the last few years he played. I've begun to wonder if that wasn't just the first signs of the tumor that finally took his life.

In the end, everybody will remember him in their own way. This will always be the way I remember Seve -- winning the 1984 Open Championship at St. Andrews:

Passionate, vibrant, alive. I just hope I can live as fully as Seve did.

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