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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Jimmy Ballard on Drawing the Ball

I know a lot of you are trying to learn how to draw the ball. Here's a clip from Jimmy Ballard showing the simplest way I know to do it.

An interesting note here: I mentioned in an earlier post that I heard Sean Foley describe a draw as a straight shot that just falls off at the end, and a hook as a curving shot. Surprise! Jimmy Ballard gives the same explanation here:

Note that the only change he made was dropping one foot back from the line on which he aligns his feet, which is parallel to his ball's target line. He didn't change his alignment for his hips or shoulders, nor change the ball position. This one change causes you to swing slightly from the inside. You still want to square the clubface to your target line, not close the face. The path change takes care of the draw while the square face ensures that you hit the ball solidly.

Remember this key principle:
The less you change your swing from shot to shot, the more consistent you will be. And the more consistent you are, the more you can focus on your target. That's how you improve your score.

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