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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Links to Some of the Chipping and Pitching Posts

Nick has been having a problem using some of the full-swing info on the site for partial shots like chips and pitches, so this post provides links to some of the posts that deal specifically with those shots.

The most recent was Ryan Moore's lesson in Golf Digest about playing from the rough.

This post has a video of short game tips from player Eric Axley.

This post is on ball position. It's useful for any type of shot where you want to vary the height.

This short game video was one of the short films Bobby Jones did for Warner Brothers back in the early 1930s. It's still some of the best instruction on the subject, I think.

This post helps you decide whether to chip or putt.

This post is about choosing a chipping club so you don't chunk it.

This post is more about the same topic.

This post is about hand action, but talks some about making partial shots.

This post and this post are part of a series I did for Canadian reader Brian McGregor. These two cover a full-motion punch shot, which is good when you want to keep the ball low. Brian's left-handed, so you'll need to reverse the left and right instructions. ;-)

This is part of Phil Mickelson's short game DVD. It's on sand play. The video looks a bit small, but that's because it was sized for my original blog format. You can click "YouTube" on the player and it will take you to the original size video at YouTube.

Hank Haney and Joe Beck help explain the knockdown shot in this one.

And here are some lessons from Dennis Pugh on playing in wind and rain that might help. The post also has a link to Pugh's YouTube channel, which has a bunch of other instructional videos about this topic.

I think that covers most of them, Nick. It should at least be enough to get you started.

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  1. hey! thanks mike! this should be more than enough for now. gonna start digging in. get back to you soon...