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Friday, May 20, 2011

Ryan Moore from the Rough

Ryan probably felt that way after Luke Donald waxed him 4&3 Thursday. Of course Ryan's not dead yet -- the 24 players are cut to 8 through 3 player pool play, then go to single elimination.

If you're still confused... There are 8 pools; Donald, Moore, and Ross Fisher are in pool B. Each player will play the other 2 and get points based on their finish. Donald got 2 points for his win and Moore got 0 points for his loss. (You can halve matches in pool play; each player then gets 1 point.) Today Fisher has to play 2 matches, 1 against Donald and 1 against Moore, then the guy with the most points in pool B moves on to the Final 8. UPDATE: Oops, my bad! Two guys come out of each pool to a round a 16.

Ryan Moore demonstrates playing from the roughAnyway, given that Ryan's got it a bit rough right now, I thought I'd pass on one of his tips on playing from the rough. (Isn't that clever?)

You can click the pic to go to the original Golf Digest instructional article.

To sum up the article, you want to chop down on the ball so you get as little grass between the clubface and the ball as possible. To do that, you should:
  • Move the ball back a bit in your stance.
  • Set your wrists quickly and feel as if you are swinging as vertically as possible.
  • Play one club longer.
  • Allow for a fade, since the rough will make it harder to square the clubface.
Sounds simple enough, doesn't it? I hope it is, for Ryan's sake. Luke Donald, as well as Lee Westwood, Martin Kaymer, and Miguel Angel Jiménez are plowing the field like an oversized John Deere. The lone American will have his work cut out for him today.

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