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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Some Bonus Bobby Jones Footage

Usually I like to do some analysis when I find good swing footage, in an effort to help you guys find easy-to-apply lessons. But this is so cool that I'm just going to let it speak for itself. If you can't figure out that this swing is all about ease and balance, perhaps you should take up shuffleboard!

What's so cool about this footage is that it apparently pre-dates the film series that Jones did for Warner Brothers! The PGA made this to help them teach golf better. Since the opening frames run by pretty quick, here's what they each say:
World's Most Famous Golf Stars in Action
Copyrighted 1930

The world-wide work of having these famous pictures made was undertaken and financed by the Professional Golfers' Association of America to simplify the teaching of golf.

These pictures were taken at the enormous speed of 3200 exposures per second, and on the screen are 200 times slower than the speed used in striking the golf ball; showing for the first time exactly how all the movements of the golf swing are actually made.

Taken by C. Francis Jenkins
Washington D.C.
for the Frofessional Golfers' Ass'n of America

One of the world's most famous golfers
Robert T. Jones, Jr.
of Atlanta
on his home course, East Lake
Then there are four swings:
  • Jones driving the ball 280 yards
  • Jones hitting his 3-iron 185 yards
  • Jones hitting his driver against a special background
  • Jones hitting his 2-iron against a special background
This is especially cool because it tells us exactly how far Jones was hitting that hard rubber ball they used back then with his hickory-shafted clubs. I don't think there's any question he could hold his own with today's pros, since he's driving it as far as several of the pros in the OWGR Top 10!

I hope you enjoy watching this, and that it inspires you. After all, the Jones swing is considered pretty funky these days, what with that sharp takeaway to the inside and its up-and-over loop...

Trust me, you can learn to play good golf with your swing too.

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