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Friday, June 10, 2011

Searching for Golf-Specific Workouts?

Dexter left a comment on my post with the Gray Cook video on the proper way to lift heavy objects, asking about golf-specific workouts. I decided it was worth a short post, so here's a second post for Friday. (Hey, I could do it every week and call it Two4Fridays... not!)

It seems like every teacher has their own approach to this topic. Some focus on flexibility, others on building muscular strength, still others on core stability. You'll find recommendations that include Pilates, yoga, weight training, bodyweight exercises, and any number of other things. To get an idea, you can go to my Some Useful Post Series page and check out the posts under "The Weekend Golfer's Fitness Guide." I did that in early 2010, over the span of two or three months. There's a lot of posts, covering the basics of a whole lot of different aspects of golf fitness.

One of those posts is simply called Golf-Specific Training, which has a complete list of posts I did on representative exercises you'll run across.

If you go to YouTube, search for either "golf specific exercises" or "golf specific workouts" (no hyphens). This will give you more options than you ever thought existed! Obviously I can't vouch for the safety or effectiveness of any of them. The best bet is to sort through them for recognizable names -- people like Gray Cook or Katherine Roberts, for example.

To get you started, here are a couple I found by Mike Pedersen, who's well-respected as a golf fitness trainer. This first one uses resistance tubing:

and this second one focuses on dumbbells:

Pedersen has a lot of videos on YouTube, and you can link to many of them from the right column of the YouTube pages for these videos.

That should be enough to get you started. Don't get overwhelmed by all the options!

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