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Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Twisting Pushup for Golfers

Since I've been answering questions about golf exercises and training, I thought I'd pass along this little gem I discovered while doing some personal research. And since I noticed that my series on doing 100 pushups was one of my most popular post series (a complete list is in the Fitness Guide on the Some Useful Post Series page), I guess a lot of you will be interested in this.

It's a funky twist on standard pushups that seems ideally suited to golf fitness. Here's the video -- note that there are two pushups demonstrated. The second one, which is the cool one, is based on the first. The cool one is called a "Screwing T":

Isn't that just the most twisted pushup you've ever seen? It'll certainly add some variety to your workouts, but here's how to make it even more suitable for a golf workout.

You probably noticed that Ryan completely turned his feet so his ankles pointed down at the ground when he formed the "T" with his shoulders. You don't have to do that. When I tried it, I found it was pretty easy to keep my toes on the ground in a normal pushup position. And you actually get some momentum from the rolling motion as you go up on your hands, so this "T" version is easier than some similar versions I've seen. As a result, this version really helps you get used to turning your shoulders more fully on your backswing while still giving you some shoulder and arm strengthening.

Work one side at a time like Ryan suggests. You might actually have fun with this part of your workout!

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