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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Alex Noren on... Alex Noren's Swing

This is one of the most unusual looks at a winner's swing I've ever done. Alexander Noren, the runaway winner of the Nordea Masters this past weekend, actually uploaded a YouTube video about his own swing!

If you saw any of the European Tour coverage, you may have heard the commentators mention that Alex has a somewhat unusual swing. In this video uploaded a couple of years ago by an obvious fan (who else uploads a video called "Swing of a God"?), you can see a slo-mo version of his swing at the :33 mark:

Obviously the Noren move is a slightly overlong backswing, followed by dropping his hands noticeably behind him on the downswing. This isn't too different from Sergio, although this looks to be more exaggerated.

Apparently Alex decided this move needed to be changed, so he began making changes sometime in 2010. Fortunately for us, he uploaded a video showing what he's been working on. There's an explanation of the changes, some slo-mo comparisons from 5 weeks earlier, and some pitching imitations:

As you can tell, Alex has a bizarre sense of humor. I suppose three days of practice (that's what it says at the beginning of the video) will do that to you. Anyway, apparently Alex has been working primarily on shortening his swing in hopes of improving his accuracy. It certainly worked at the Nordea Masters!

And while watching the video I discovered something interesting that I didn't expect -- Alex has been working on the very same things I've suggested would help all of your swings. Jump ahead to 1:20 in the video where Alex explains what he's been working on:
  • Setup
  • A one-piece takeaway
  • Hands basically in line with his shoulders at the top of his backswing
  • Simple downswing
Can you say fundamentals? And if you compare the slo-mo footage, you'll see that while his swing doesn't really look any shorter -- not to me, at least -- he certainly seems much more stable over the ball throughout his entire swing. Those simple changes stood him in good stead this past weekend -- in fact, they've worked twice this year, as he also won the Saab Wales Open in May.

It's definitely worth your time to consider copying Alex's swing. Well, maybe not his pitching motion from the end of the video -- stick with his full swing, ok? ;-)


  1. Mike,
    The practice drill looks like the two positions in Shawn Humphries and Brad Townsend's Two Steps to a Perfect Golf Swing.

  2. I see that Byron Nelson wrote one of the Forewards for the book. It says Humphries was the director at Byron's golf school in Dallas. It's hard to get a better recommendation than that!

    Thanks for the head's-up on the book, Lefty.

  3. One of the reasons that I liked the book was that he gives both lefty and righty instruction.

  4. Mike, you are right. His swing did not seem any shorter, but it was more upright. Sometimes, perception of one feeling is recognized in another way to someone tilted at a 23 degree angle and twisting. I think he felt shorter because on the way down, he was not fighting his body like he was on the 'before swing'. Skinny guys like him can get flat, but tend to go too flat and get in their own way. But, like you said, whatever he is feeling, give me two helpings of that and a hot putter and I can make some jingles!

  5. You got that right, Jac -- he's #70 with a bullet in the OWGR and #8 in the Race to Dubai. That's some serious jingles! ;-)