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Friday, July 22, 2011

I'm Stuck in the Greenside Rough

Today I've got a video about pitching from the rough beside the green. I like this video not only because teaching pro Jay Golden shows two different ways to pitch, but because his rough looks more like what we're all playing lately... BROWN!

To sum up, here are the key points for the two techniques:

The low running pitch (more of a chip):
  • Ball back in stance
  • Hands in front of the ball
  • Square clubface
  • Chop down
  • Short followthrough
The high flop shot (like a sand shot):
  • Ball forward in stance
  • Hands behind ball
  • Open the clubface a lot
  • Slide clubface under the ball
  • Long followthrough
And remember, you need to make a longer swing on the flop or it won't go very far.

Of course, if the weather stays this hot, I may have to post a tip on playing hardpan... or maybe cracked mud...


  1. Actually...That would be a good post for me. Some of the courses out here in Phoenix, such as the last one I played, had areas where the rough wasn't grass. It was like hard clay. You can see them in my pictures. Not the easiest shot to execute with any kind of consistency. At least not for me.

  2. Then I'll see what I can find.