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Thursday, July 28, 2011

It's Car-nasty Time!

The Ricoh Women's British Open starts today -- and early -- so I'll make this post quick.

As with the Open Championship and the Senior Open Championship, the Women's British Open is being carried on ESPN. Please note that this is apparently being carried LIVE, which means these are morning times:
  • Thursday, July 28: 9am - noon ET
  • Friday, July 29: 9am - noon ET
  • Saturday, July 30: 10am - 1pm ET
  • Sunday, July 31: 8:30am - noon ET
Again, that's ESPN -- not ESPN2, ESPN Classic, or any other ESPN you might find wandering around your cable system. (Although the Constructivist says that ESPN3 will be carrying some bonus coverage. That's online and starts at 6am.)

The defending champion is the Empress of the Tseng Dynasty, Yani Tseng, and she's going for her 5th major. (Man, I still can't quite get my mind around that -- she's only 22 but she's going for her 5th major. Wow.) And the tournament is being played at Carnoustie this time -- a first for the women. As you may recall, this is where Jean van de Velde lost to Paul Lawrie back in 1999. Cristie Kerr's experience of Carnoustie has already acquainted her with this bit of history -- she met and talked to van de Velde last week (she says they talked mainly about wines) and she's staying in the Paul Lawrie Suite at Carnoustie.

I'm hoping she takes after Lawrie this week.

As for any "introductory" information you might need, I'm just going to refer you to two of the web's experts on women's golf:
I hope you enjoy this as much as I will. While I'll be checking in on play at the Greenbriar (Tom Watson is playing there, along with Phil) and the U.S. Senior Open, the women get so little airtime in comparison to the other tours that their events always get priority in my TV schedule.

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