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Monday, July 25, 2011

The Limerick Summary: 2011 RBC Canadian Open

Winner: Sean O'Hair

Around the wider world of golf: Ai Miyazato broke her winless streak at the LPGA's Evian Masters in France; Russ Cochran won the Senior Open Championship on the Champions Tour in England; and Alexander Noren won the Nordea Masters on the ET in Sweden. Amateur Harris English had to settle for a win in America -- the Nationwide Children's Hospital Invitational on the Nationwide Tour.

O'Hair holds RBC Canadian Open trophy

Let's be blunt about it. Sean O'Hair's year so far has sucked big time. He's missed the cut ten times and his best finish is a T16. He had fired his swing coach and his caddie. (BTW, did you know both were Canadian?) He didn't qualify for the U.S. Open and he got cut at the Masters and again at the Open Championship just last week. Perhaps sucked is too gentle a word. At any rate, 2011 has not been O'Hair's year so far.

That is, until Sunday. HIs freefall dropped him right into the jetstream above Canada.

I'm sure he's still a bit bummed about the whole thing. Yes, he won... but it wasn't pretty. But then again, nobody played a particularly pretty tournament this week. The course was tough enough to make this the U.S. Open's younger brother -- which it is, since they're the two oldest tournaments in North America. That meant scores were all over the place. O'Hair's 69-73-66-68 wasn't bad at all... but he won the playoff against Kris Blanks with a bogey. A BOGEY! That's probably not going to sit very well with a driven player like Sean.

But you know, a win is a win. Sean O'Hair gutted it out on a course that simply beat the players up. I'll grant you that the playoff hole was a little ugly, but when a player has been as down on himself as Sean has been, it's a major accomplishment to overcome his own attitude and get the job done. As he said, "Wednesday night was my worst point of the whole year. I was lost on Wednesday. To be sitting here, I just really appreciate this win."

Hopefully this will turn 2011 around for Sean O'Hair. He's too good not to be staking his own claim to some titles. So here's a Limerick Summary for the new high-flying champ:
Once a high-flier, young Sean O'Hair
Needed more than a wing and a prayer.
Though his game had gone south,
The Canadian route
Sent him soaring above his despair.
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  1. How many times during yesterday's broadcast did we hear Pat Fletcher was the last Canadian to win the Canadian Open? 10? 12? Here's a little fact-

    The last time a Canadian born golfer won their Open Championship is at least 97 years ago. Fletcher was born in Great Britain. Before Fletcher, the last Canadian to win the tournament was in 1914. I know nothing about where Karl Keffer was born.

    If Fletcher is Canadian, who do LPGA broadcasters insist on saying Candie Kung is Taiwanese? She's a US citizen not Taiwan.

  2. Keffer was born in Tottenham, Ontario in 1882. That's according to the Golf Association of Ontario's site:

    But both the Golf Association of Ontario and the Royal Canadian Golf Association list Fletcher as the last Canadian to win the Canadian Open.

    If the Canadians claim him, who are we to argue? ;-)

  3. Mike,

    I'm not arguing. My wife's an American but she was born in the Philippines.

    What I was doing is Just tweaking the whole thing if the media would do all their homework. No Canadian born golfer has won the Canadian Open in 97 years. Last year much was said about Ai Miyazato being the first LPGA golfer to win the first two events of the year since Marilynn Smith did it 1966. But in 1966, the LPGA opened the year with unofficial event in Venezuela!

    There's more to the story. I'm just filling in the blanks.

  4. I know, Bill. I just think the confusion is funny.

    Too bad everybody isn't as clear as David Feherty. He's clearly proud of his Northern Irish heritage, but he makes no bones that he's an American citizen now... and is extremely proud and happy to be one.

    Maybe Keffer changed his citizenship while Kung hasn't? Or maybe everybody just likes to claim winners as their own. ;-)