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Thursday, August 18, 2011

And Now, Sam Snead's Version

Yesterday I focused on that little forward move that Jason Dufner uses to start his backswing. Today I want you to see how one of the legends used it -- the great Sam Snead. This video is short but very informative.

You may need to turn the volume up -- this is an old video:

I like this video because it gives you a different view than the Dufner video from yesterday. You can imagine this as a rocking motion -- you shift your weight ever so slightly from your trailing foot to your lead foot, then rock back as you start your backswing from there. It eliminates the stiffness you feel after standing motionless -- even for just a moment -- over the ball before you start to swing.

Note also that Sam isn't making a huge move. It's just enough to get his body in motion. The second part of the video, on rhythm, focuses on that aspect of the move.

This video also helps you understand why I called it a "syrupy" motion yesterday. Sam calls it an "oily" move. Whatever you call it, it can help you make a smoother swing... and that can help you be more accurate and powerful. They didn't call him "Slammin' Sam" for nothing!

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