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Saturday, August 20, 2011


It's time for many weary PGA Tour players to get some rest. They really need it. We know this to be true because they played like it this year.

Four weeks sounds about right.

Friday was cut day at the Wyndham Championship, the final event before the FedExCup playoffs. I don't have to tell you what that means -- the PGA Tour tells us about it virtually every day! Some of the players who missed the cut won't be making it into the playoffs.

In fact, some of the players who did make the cut won't be making the playoffs. For example, Padraig Harrington made the cut right on the number (-3) but he's currently projected to finish 3 places worse than he was when the week started.

That's not good... at least, not for Padraig. I'm sure several other players are quietly celebrating his misfortune, although they probably feel bad for doing so. But if they successfully make it into the playoffs, I suppose they'll learn to live with it.

As usual, a few players seem to be getting it together. Take Camilo Villegas and Ernie Els, the bubble boys (125 and 126, respectively) for example. Both are in the Top 20 and look good to prolong their season for at least one more week.

Even Paul Casey, who's at 147 in the points race, still has hope. He's tied for 6th place, although he's gonna need to make up some serious ground. He's currently 62 points away from the 125 spot, and I don't know how many points he can make up without a win. (A win is worth a few hundred points.) Actually, I'm surprised he's still in the running, what with that "turf toe" problem.

I looked up "turf toe" -- let's face it, the commentators haven't been very clear about what it is -- and this is painful stuff. Basically, it's when your big toe gets bent upward so bad that it strains the ligaments under the toe holding all the bones together. If it's not treated properly, it can result in permanent problems with arthritis, which will further mess up your foot and lower leg by changing the way you walk.

It's nasty stuff. I think I would have just called it a year, but it looks like Paul wants to play for a few more weeks. Still, it's ironic that the average time for a properly-treated turf toe to heal is about four weeks...

Makes you think, doesn't it? Sunday I guess we'll see which ends first, Paul's season or his turf toe.

I bet some of those other guys wish they could blame turf toe for their seasons.

Welcome to the FedExCup playoffs.

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