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Monday, August 22, 2011

The Limerick Summary: 2011 Wyndham Championship

Winner: Webb Simpson

Around the wider world of golf: Fred Couples got his first Champions Tour major at the Constellation Energy Senior Players Championship; Suzann Pettersen came from 9 shots back to win the Safeway Classic on the LPGA; James Nitties got his first Nationwide Tour win at the Midwest Classic (way to go, Nitties!); Oliver Fisher got his first win at the Czech Open on the ET; Catriona Matthew won the Aberdeen Ladies Scottish Open on the LET; and Chie Arimura won the CAT Ladies on the JLPGA.

Webb Simpson at the Wyndham Championship

Well, Tommy Gainey will just have to wait for another chance to get his two gloves around a trophy. Webb Simpson didn't intend to let anybody touch this one but him.

You can't really begrudge him the pleasure of being greedy. After all, he's already had two seconds this year -- one because he had to call one of those stupid "oscillating ball" penalties on himself -- and four other Top 10s. He was due.

Of course, that 6-under in 5 holes stretch on Saturday didn't hurt his cause. But he went deep crimson all week -- scores of 66 - 65 - 64 - 67 will usually get the job done, even when everybody else is going nuts on the course too. As it was, Webb managed a 3-shot margin of victory.

Perhaps more important, he moved up to #3 on the FedExCup points list. Granted, he was already well up in the list -- at #12, in case you're interested. But although we tend to laugh at the points list -- after all, it's going to be scrapped next week and new points assigned based on your position -- the fact remains that the $10M winner has come from the Top 5 on that list every time so far. I'm sure Webb is aware of that as well. (CORRECTION: That's changed -- points don't reset until the Tour Championship, but starting this week each event is worth 5 times as many points as the regular season events. My bad!)

Unlike Webb, who's dancing around whooping and hollering right about now, many players are dragging their weary butts home because they fell short of the magic 125 to make The Barclays this week. Camilo Villegas (125) and Ernie Els (126), the bubble boys last week, managed to squeak into the playoffs, as did Padraig Harrington (130) and William McGirt (127). But Matt Jones (122), David Mathis (123), and Cameron Beckman (124) will be crying in their beer for the next month since they failed to hold onto their precarious positions for one more measley week.

"Bummer for them," says the cheerful law firm of Villegas, Els, Harrington, and McGirt as they lift a few at the local tavern. "Bully for us." (Ok, that's not a direct quote. They're too civilized to say that. Doesn't mean they don't feel like it. But you didn't hear it here, so don't say you did. ;-)

And Tommy Gainey? Well, he's got at least a couple more chances this season to get his first win because he moved up from #40 to #30.

But our big winner was Webb Simpson, and so this week's Limerick Summary celebrates what he missed as much as what he gained:
This win was a bonus for Simpson.
He won't be some poor soul who limps on,
Just missing The Barclays
For four weeks of dark days—
'Cause scoring's not something Webb skimps on!
The photo came from the front page.


  1. Poor "Two Gloves". I don't know if you remember, but I got a chance to follow him at the Waste Management. As violent as his swing is, he is equally nice to the fans. He often nodded to the fans as he walked by, actually making eye contact. Just like you said Simpson was due, Gainey is too, and will get his eventually.

    I still can't get over Gainey's swing. Everything seems wrong about it. It goes against everything the purist say. If he doesn't win soon, I wonder if he will try to make a change.

  2. He won't make a change. As people used to say about Hogan, Trevino, and Moe Norman, Gainey "owns" his swing. His problems right now are mostly strategic errors. He'll figure those out in time.

    And when he does, I'll be ready to give him a cool Limerick Summary!