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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Ruthless Golf Picks for the PGA

"Glory's Last Shot" is upon us. (Gosh, that sounds silly even to me. But maybe I've just heard it too often. There is certainly some truth to the old adage that "familiarity breeds contempt.") And so it's time for me to pick the winners in this week's last major.

And of course we know I'll be right because they always listen to me. ;-)

I've put together a list of five players that I think have the best chance of winning this week. And many of you will be pleasantly surprised that I haven't picked Luke Donald this time. I expect him to win a major soon, but I think the PGA is the least likely major to be his first. (Which probably means it will be... because, as we all know, they always listen to me.)

Anyway, here are my five picks:
  • I still believe the PGA is the best chance for Lee Westwood to win his first major. He's a bit of a wild card for me this week, however; I'm not certain how quickly he'll develop some consistency with the new putting mindset he's developed by working with the Stocktons and Bob Rotella. For that reason I can't make him my main choice.
  • I like how Ryo Ishikawa has been playing lately. He got his best finish ever in America last week and I believe he just might carry that good form over to this week.
  • Adam Scott wouldn't have made my list if he hadn't won last week; I simply hadn't expected him and Steve Williams to get their act together so quickly. (Just look at the learning curve Dustin Johnson and Joe Lacava have gone through; I thought they'd be winning by now for sure.) But although it's hard to win two weeks in a row, I really like the swagger I'm seeing in Adam's step right now.
  • I have Sergio Garcia as a dark horse. I know he seems to be as far off form as Adam is on, but I think that's the kind of situation Sergio needs right now to give him a chance at a major. Early reports are that the new greens at Atlanta Athletic Club are fast but not particularly tricky; that may work well for him.
  • And my favorite -- actually picked about a week ago -- is Jason Day. Since the Masters he's played 9 events; he's only been out of the Top 10 three times. He's overdue to win again and with such good showings at the majors this year I can't help but think he'll rise to this occasion as well.
So there you have it. Jason Day is going to break the Australian drought in majors. (Now if he could just find a way to break that other drought the country's going through...)


  1. Hi,

    To me, Jason is a favorite, but after missing the cut à the British Open, Luke shows us very good golf, with 2 very good round on saturday and sunday and only 3 bogeys.

    see you,


  2. I sure won't be surprised if Luke does well -- I picked him to win the Masters, the U.S. Open, and the Open Championship. But like I said, the PGA is the major I think suits him least.