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Friday, November 25, 2011

And You Thought Stableford Was Bad

I hadn't watched much golf Thursday. I had been visiting relatives and doing "holiday" stuff, so I thought I'd check out the online leaderboard to get an idea how Kuchar and Woodland were doing over at the Omega Mission Hills World Cup.

My first reaction was "What the...?"

Since Thursday here in North Carolina was Friday in China, I knew they were playing fourballs (or best ball, if you prefer). Ok, that's simple enough. And there's a "Today" column that tells you how many under or over par each team has scored during the round that's being played. But I immediately looked over at the listing by round... and found that the American team had 31. HUH?

After studying the leaderboard for a while, I decided the number in this column was the total number of strokes each team had actually taken so far during play. However, without knowing the number of strokes they would have taken were they at par on that hole, it really wasn't much use.

Clearly somebody's just playing with my mind, such as it is. I guess I should have known that right off but instead I'm left searching for an excuse. I've decided to call it a "brain fart" and move on to more constructive things.

Although the American team is 5 shots behind the lead team from Australia (who are perhaps working off a bit of frustration after the Presidents Cup), they're still in a tie for 3rd. At least, they were when I checked the leaderboard before heading to bed.

So if you decide to check out the scores before a round has finished, your best bet is to check the "Today" column to see how they're doing during that round. Thanksgiving is over, so you don't want to be a turkey like me. ;-)

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