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Friday, November 4, 2011

Looks Like Keegan Wants POY

I've been watching some of the live WGC-China broadcast. It's the second round and Keegan Bradley is halfway through his round.

He's still leading!

The PGA money list race is over, of course. Luke Donald won that one going away. But Player of the Year may still be up for grabs if Keegan can grab this tournament. Three wins, with one a major and one a WGC -- all by a rookie, mind you -- just might give it to him.

In some ways it doesn't seem quite fair. Luke Donald has made some serious noise this year. But the PGA voting won't take his ET wins into account. They even waited until after everyone thought he had won POY before catching their own mistake for leaving out this WGC. (Understandable, since the PGA Tour doesn't seem to know whether this event is "real" or not. It counts for some players, but not for others? Not cool, PGA Tour, not cool.)

And Golf Magazine didn't give him any props either, voting Rory McIlroy as World Player of the Year because he won a single major immediately after losing one. I won't even dignify that decision with much space here, as Charl Schwartzel won Rory's lost major in amazing fashion and added another event just for good measure. Rory's good, but he wasn't that good in 2011.

Luke really isn't getting his due this year. Four wins, probably two money titles, and #1 in the world when he had to do it the hard way -- hitting fairways and greens -- just might not be enough to get some respect.

Still, it's hard to root against Keegan, isn't it? He got overlooked for the Presidents Cup, after all. At least he'll probably get Rookie of the Year. (Although I suppose Charl is available for that as well.)

So can Keegan do it? Can he upset everybody's apple cart and lock up both ROY and POY? It just might happen. After all, this is the problem with "parity."

I believe it's called excitement.

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