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Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Smooth Move of the Junkman

Fredrik Jacobson (that's Yah-kob-son), aka "the Junkman," aka "Freddie Yak," took over the lead at the WGC-China shortly after I went to bed during the second round. I'm about ready to do the same thing during the third round, and at this point his lead is 2 strokes.

The Junkman has received numerous comments concerning his unorthodox swing. He has a little extra movement at the extremes of his swing, although it's nothing like Jim Furyk. It's just noticeable, that's all.

However, the typical weekend player could learn a lot from Freddie Yak. Here's a look at his swing, both down-the-line and face-on:

I'm too tired to dissect it tonight, but I wanted to put it up where all of you could watch it as much as you want. You see, despite what you may hear, Freddie's swing isn't very unorthodox at all! I love how simple it is. In a lot of ways, it resembles Steve Stricker's swing. He has a good one-piece takeaway and he keeps his hands in front of him.

So why isn't he more accurate? I think it's because he flips his hands a bit too much at impact. When you keep your hands in front of you as well as he does, you're going to have that face square more often than not. Flipping your hands is actually going to twist the clubface off-line.

But given how well he's playing, don't be surprised if the Junkman throws another trophy in the back of his truck this weekend.

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