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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Why Tiger Wasn't "Mad"

This will be a short post, and I'm surprised I even have to write it. But Tiger tried to put "Steviegate" to rest Monday and apparently the media isn't satisfied because he wasn't angry enough over what Steve Williams said.

Perhaps none of these people have ever been through a particularly draining ordeal. For those of you who have, you know that emotional energy gets tapped out pretty fast. It's all you can do to keep going... but the hits just keep on comin'. Eventually you simply have to decide where you're going to focus your energy or you have a breakdown.

You ask yourself, "Is this really worth getting worked up over? Will it change anything?" If it will, you try to put out some energy and deal with it. If not... well, you go to bed until you aren't depressed anymore. Then you get up and try to do something to improve your life.

Have you noticed how many times Tiger simply answers questions with "It is what it is" lately? That's not evasion, folks. Tiger is tired. He's been through a lot in the last two years. Some of it he caused himself and some of it other people piled on top of him, but it's all still just plain tiring. Add the struggle of getting his game back in shape and his health problems, and I'm surprised he even gets up most mornings.

And now people want Tiger to lay into Steve Williams for a "racist" remark. Nobody defends what Williams said; in fact, I think Scott Walker at GC made a good point: Shouldn't we be more upset that Williams felt comfortable enough at that dinner to make such a remark at all? But Tiger knows it wasn't a racist remark -- if you think Tiger would have kept Steve around for over a decade if he was a racist, you're just crazy. This was a remark made out of anger and hurt that, unfortunately, came out sounding racist.

But since Tiger says he knows it wasn't meant as a racist remark because he knows Williams isn't a racist -- he made a specific point of that, didn't he? -- then why are we so surprised that he didn't launch into a diatribe against racism? This is just one more thing for Tiger to deal with -- a thing requiring emotional energy he doesn't have. Had he felt otherwise, I suspect the media would have gotten just what they wanted.

So for all the people worked up because Tiger didn't show sufficient anger, I say "get over it." The man is tired, much of it from trying to be all things to all people in order to make up for his failures. I for one am willing to let things drop and hope both men get over what ever went wrong between them.

Racism isn't going away. If we really want to do something about it, perhaps we should start fighting our own battles and stop beating on Tiger because he won't fight our battles for us. I think he's got his hands full fixing his own life right now.

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