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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

11 More Days

This is a special time of year. We're halfway through the holidays -- that magic time between Christmas and New Years when the old year isn't quite gone but the new year isn't quite here. I love the anticipation, the realization that I'm on the verge of a new year with new opportunities.

an Alabama beach sunset

I just finished watching Drew Brees set the single-season passing record in the Saints/Falcons game. The NFL season is winding to a close and the NBA season is just getting started. I'm even starting to get interested in that "other" football, soccer, because we're getting to crunch time. I saw Manchester United slam Wigan 5-0 earlier in the day -- not one of the better games I've seen lately, but still entertaining.

And now we're just 11 days from the Hyundai Tournament of Champions and the beginning of the new PGA Tour season. (Don't forget that the Tour is starting this tournament on Friday this year.)

Over the next few days we'll be looking ahead to next season and what may be on the horizon.

But today? I'm just enjoying the waning moments of 2011. It's the quiet before the dawn...

The Alabama beach sunset photo came from this site.

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