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Friday, December 30, 2011

An Anti-Shanking Tip

I had a very busy day today and didn't have time to do the post I intended. Therefore, I decided to pass on another tip I found. This one is about that nasty fault that nobody wants to talk about:

Drawing of ball getting shankedShanking.

I don't think I've ever posted anything about this problem, so those of you struggling with the problem will probably find this useful. I like it because it's simple.

Simple is always good!

This short article is simply called Stop Shanking and it was written by Steve Atherton, who was VP of Instruction at GolfTec when he wrote this. (Maybe he still is. Life holds so many secrets...) It has several different things you can try if this inconvenient little problem pops up. (Or sideways, for that matter.) Again, I like variety.

Especially when it's simple variety. Hope it helps!

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