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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Coil Them Shoulders!

Carl demonstrates a good shoulder coilI've mentioned Carl Rabito, the instructor who straightened my game out, several times in this blog. In fact, I keep a link to his site in my sidebar. (See the "Some Useful Golf Links" list next to my bio.) I don't know all the players Carl is working with right now, although I know he's worked with Jeong Jang on the LPGA and Andrew Svoboda on the Nationwide.

Well, while working on another project this week, I discovered an article Carl did for back in 2003. It's called "Turnstyle" and it's got several different ways of checking and improving your shoulder turn. Since Carl is a really good teacher -- and I'm feeling a mite lazy today Smiley Faces -- I thought I'd just link you to it.

I should point out that Carl's drills get you a bit more behind the ball than mine do. There's certainly nothing wrong with that -- as I point out frequently, there's more than one way to swing well -- but I want you to be aware that his drill positions may feel slightly different than mine. Use whichever one feels best to you.

Several of the drills Carl covers can be done inside. With the weather so bad in many parts of the country, at least you can do something to improve your golf. And Carl is someone who I know can help you. He sure helped me.

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