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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Little Diversion

The pro golf is pretty much done for the season and many of you are stranded inside because of bad weather. So today I'm providing a little diversion for you.

This is the link to the Cartoon Networks Cartoon Cove Mini-golf game.

This little 9-hole mini-golf game is one of the most challenging -- but playable -- online golf games I've found. There are 8 par-3s and 1 par-4, and up to 2 players can play.

After you see a (usually funny) short commercial for Cartoon Network, tell it how many players there are, enter a name, and pick your ball color, you're ready to go.

To play, right-click on the ball and hold it, then draw the pointer back and let go. The club can be aimed in any direction and you can hit the ball pretty hard, so be careful. There are holes with transporters, black holes, fans that blow your ball toward the hole, treadmills, and even bombs! It looks pretty crazy, but even the wildest holes can be played strategically.

I hope it brightens up your day. It's a quick way to get in 9 holes!

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