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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Maybe That Cut Finger Finally Healed...

Mr. Stache looking fine!Geoff Ogilvy looked good coming into 2011. Then he messed up his finger in Hawaii the first week of the year... and struggled from there on in.

It looks like the new Mr. Stache can finally ditch the bandaids. He's leading the JBWere after 3 rounds, 3 strokes ahead of his closest competitor, Ian Poulter. Geoff laid down a sweet little 63 (it's a par-71 course) -- and that was with 3 bogeys!

Granted, Poults is still on the course as I'm writing this. But he's only got one hole left (a par-5), but it's a pretty safe bet that Geoff will still have at least a 2-stroke lead when the 3rd round finishes.

I have a feeling we're gonna be seeing that 'stache for a while.

GC should be showing the final round tonight starting at 8:30pm ET.

The photo came from this article at the Australasian website.

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