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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Nick Faldo on Connection

GC's 7 Nights at the Academy series Wednesday night was about iron play. I must admit I was surprised how much Nick Faldo emphasized connection. It's something I believe is vital if you want to create an easily repeatable swing without a whole lot of practice, but I simply didn't realize how much Faldo utilized it himself.

Nick didn't just stress connection in the full swing. He also went into considerable detail about connection when you're chipping. (I'd add putting to that as well. Fewer people would struggle with their putting if they stayed connected during the stroke.)

Here's a video from the Faldo Golf Institute videos on YouTube. Although this isn't the same segment they showed on GC, it does cover some of the same material. The section on connection starts around the 1 minute mark:

Baptiste mentioned the towel drill in the comments of this post. Note that Nick advises you to limit this drill to shots around 40 yards.

On GC Nick specifically mentioned that he wants to feel as if the triceps stay connected to the chest throughout the swing. I would just add that the connection is a light one -- you don't want to feel as if the muscles of your upper body are tight. You want to feel as relaxed as you can while still maintaining your technique. Staying relaxed will help you generate the most clubhead speed as well as the most accuracy, because relaxed muscles don't fight your natural movement.

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