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Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Girls Are in Thailand

Welcome to the Honda LPGA Thailand! I'll be your tour guide today -- er, tonight. The round will be long over by the time you see it on GC Thursday.

Siam Country Club

At the time I'm writing this, most of the women have teed off. A quick Google turned up a temperature of 91°F/33°C, mostly cloudy with south winds around 8mph/13kph. (As you can tell, I have mastered the art of clicking on the metric converter.) The humidity's around 50% and it's supposed to get a little hotter as the day wears on, so it'll be interesting to see how it affects scoring.

The Siam course

At this point, Katie Futcher is the low score in the clubhouse at -2, although Jenny Shin's -4 after 11 holes. Anna Nordqvist, Karrie Webb, and Christel Boeljon are currently at -3. The biggest names -- Tseng, Kerr, Choi, Miyazato, etc. -- haven't teed off yet.

Michelle Wie and Paula Creamer are making their LPGA debuts this week. In case you're curious, Creamer was a bridesmaid in a wedding last week, which is why she wasn't in Australia.

GC's 2-hour broadcast starts today at 12:30pm ET. And the photos are of the Siam Country club where the ladies are playing, courtesy of It certainly looks like a beautiful place, and you can see all the details about the course -- including a scorecard with all the information -- at the same site.


  1. I always enjoy watching the ladies play golf, we weekend warriors can relate a lot more to their swings (PGA golf TV comments: 190 yards to the hole, he is using an eight iron, I think it's too much club !!!), one of the techniques I pick up was the downswing happens with the back still facing the target, it makes holding on to the lag so much easier, here's a link
    around 0.12 mark you can see the lag is 90 degree and her back is facing the target. Enjoy !

  2. Na Yeon has a great swing -- I think I did a post about it some months ago. She gets waaay more than 90 degrees of lag though!

    The way she gets it isn't just that her back still faces the target, though. When Na Yeon changes direction at the top, her wrists and forearms are relaxed, not tense like most weekend golfers.

    If you watch closely from the 0:10-0:12 mark, you'll see that the change of direction actually increases her wrist cock so she has more at the halfway down point than she did at the top! You can't do that if you either (a) tense your forearms or (b) completely pause at the top, the way some teachers suggest. She doesn't hold onto the lag with her wrists; rather, the momentum of the clubhead keeps her wrists cocked.

    In other words it's not strength that "holds" her wrist cock, but swing rhythm. That's a very important distinction.