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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Luke Donald on How to Make Mistakes

Lefty directed me to this video that Michael down at Aussie Golfer posted. Somehow I missed it, but it's such a cool video that I had to post it for you guys.

Here's the deal: Luke Donald is teaching how to hit a high soft-landing pitch shot for Mizuno, the company that makes his clubs. The problem is, he messed up the shot! But -- and this is what is so cool -- he didn't stop the lesson. Instead, he turns it into a lesson on how to deal with mistakes. This is part of the reason he's #1 in the world right now.

His lesson on dealing with mistakes -- and the kinds of reactions people often have to them -- may be even more useful than the pitch shot!


  1. Interesting to see that on the successful shots that he threw grass on the camera behind him. That's commitment to keeping the face open.

  2. I think Luke is committed to everything he does right now, Lefty. That's why he's still #1.

  3. what a game he has and we are the benefactors cuz we get 2 see it! congratulations on everything you did this year Luke - way 2 be!

  4. And he's kind enough to put out videos like this to help the rest of us!