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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Position Wanted: First-Time Winner

A couple of players who have never won before are seeking positions as champions today.

In California, the Maxwell the Geico piggy is cheering "WI! WI! WIIII!" in hopes that Charlie Wi will get over the hump and grab his first win at the AT&T. Although I've never counted, I understand that Charlie has had the lead 11 times before without closing the deal. Perhaps today is his lucky dozenth time.

Of course, the Great Striped One (make sure you pronounce that as "Great Stripe-ed One" because it sounds more ominous that way) is not far behind and they'll both be playing the same course in the final round.

Ken Duke may have something to say about that as well, since he's in second place and Tiger's only in third, but Ken's won before and doesn't have a very visual nickname to make him sound ominous.

Meanwhile, down under in Australia, Jessica Korda is hoping for similar luck at the Australian Open. (I am unaware of any barnyard animals -- native or otherwise -- that are cheering for Jess. That's not necessarily a bad thing, although it means I can't post a video'ed commercial with an animal screaming her name. You decide.) At the time I'm writing this, Jess has fallen back to -2 at the 17th tee but Hee Kyung Seo and So Yeon Ryu are at -4 at the same hole. Stacy Lewis is already in at -3, so Jess knows what she has to do. It can be done, but it's gonna be tough.

Perhaps some of the local animals will get together and cheer for her.

If Jess wins it, she and her dad Petr Korda will be the only father-daughter team to have both won the same country's national championship, albeit in two different sports. Petr won the 1998 Australian Open tennis tournament -- that's one of the four Grand Slam events in tennis, in case you didn't know.

Sunday should certainly be an exciting day. As Maxwell would say, "Pure. Adrenaline."


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    1. Mike,
      The finish to the Australian Open was unbelievable. Who would think that both Ryu and Seo would miss 3 foot par puts on the 72nd hole to force a 6 player playoff? I have never seen anything like it. What a start to the 2012 LPGA season.

  2. Nice way to get your first win, eh? And set that record with her dad, as well. Nice stuff. ;-)