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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Some General Tips from Luke Donald

Found this video of general tips from Luke Donald that I thought you all might find interesting. These are the things in his game he works on constantly.

Just a few things I'd like to call to your attention:
  • Luke keeps check on his fundamentals. Little things like alignment and how far you stand from the ball are things that can get out of whack a little at a time without you even noticing it.
  • He doesn't determine his ball based on his foot position. Rather, he places the ball based on his upper body -- typically between his left armpit and his left eye -- which is closer to where his arms actually are. It's too easy to get your upper body tilted and have the ball in a place where you can't hit it.
  • Luke specifically says that he cups his left wrist at the top of his swing. That's probably not a good idea for most of you since it can cause a slice. Luke has a specific problem that this wrist position fixes.
  • Note that he tries to keep his knees flexed and his hips level at impact. This helps him keep from leaning backward and hitting that push shot he mentions.
This is a good look inside the mind of a player who has to depend on good fundamentals in order to be competitive. These are good tips for weekend players as well.

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