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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Michael Breed on Tiger's Swing

Just a quick note about some things Michael Breed said on The Golf Fix last night. I thought this might be a bit confusing to some of you, so I want you to understand why we're both right. ;-)

Number 1, Michael uses the term "over-the-top" in a different way from me. I use "over-the-top" exclusively to refer to something bad, while Breed doesn't. I use the term "out-to-in swing" to describe what he was talking about. The way I differentiate the two is that an "out-to-in swing" reaches the top of your backswing and then starts down before it starts out over the target line. I use the term "over-the-top" to describe a swing that reaches the top of your backswing but keeps going up as it starts out over the target line. The downswing plane is much steeper with an "over-the-top" swing than it is with an "out-to-in swing."

You can't play good golf with an "over-the-top" swing. You can play good golf with an "out-to-in swing." Michael Breed was talking about the latter. Clear enough?

The other thing he mentioned that Tiger is bringing his hands much more inside on his one-piece takeaway than I want you to do. The reason is because Tiger is trying to create a fade and I'm trying to help most of you get rid of a slice. Taking your hands more down the line -- the way you will if you follow my instructions for a one-piece takeaway -- will make it easier to hit a straight ball or a draw.

If you were listening closely, you may have Breed say that Tiger is making this move to help him rotate his forearms less on his takeaway. My First Rule of Good Driving and First Rule of Good Approaching -- in fact, my First Rule of Good Every Kind of Swing! -- is:
The clubface should remain square to the stroke path; the forearms should NOT rotate during the execution of the stroke.
And that's part of why Tiger is leading the Total Driving stat for the first time in his life.

One other thing -- and this is just something that I thought was funny -- Breed pointed out that Foley has Tiger getting his right heel off the ground quicker in his downswing. The reason I noticed it was, in case you don't remember, I actually pointed that out as something that was different when Tiger's ballstriking was off. Let me make it clear that I wasn't sure that was part of the problem. I just thought it was interesting that he did it when he played well and didn't do it when he played badly. I suspect Foley added it back in to take some stress off Tiger's left knee.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know why Tiger's doing things a bit differently from what I've suggested you do. It's yet another reason why pros are different from amateurs.

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