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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Yani and Tiger at the Top

I don't know why this seems so momentous to me today, but it does. Both the most dominant female player in the world and the most dominant male player in the world (at least, until recently and he's apparently on his way back) have the 36-hole lead in the last tournaments they'll play before going into their first majors of 2012.

Both are leading their respective tours in many of the most telling stats. Both have been playing extremely consistent golf this year.

Neither seems to have their best stuff this week, and yet... and yet they both seem to be just casually moving up the leaderboard toward another win.

The majors they're going into are both celebrity-driven. The Kraft Nabisco is still referred to as 'the Dinah' by many players -- after the late Dinah Shore -- and the Masters is intimately connected to Bobby Jones.

Each seems to be on the verge of making history. For Yani, it's the youngest to win 6 majors; for Tiger, the first player to win a major with 4 different swings on his way to catching Jack.

Among other things, of course. Both players are making history in many ways.

What happens if the unthinkable happens and both win this week?

With all apologies to Ben Crenshaw, I'm starting to get a feeling...

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