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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Accurate Iron Play

No, it's not an April Fools joke. The next Quick Guide is out!

Accurate Iron Play coverThis one is called Accurate Iron Play and it focuses on approach shots to the green. Some of you may have seen Patrick's comment earlier in the week asking if I was going to do a Quick Guide about the deadhanded approach shot, and this is it.

Although I used those posts as a starting point, I went into far more detail than the originals. Not only did I add left-handed versions of the diagrams already in the posts, I added quite a few new diagrams. There are now complete swing sequences with step-by-step explanations showing, among other things, how approach shots differ from power shots, as well as other tips that should help you troubleshoot any problems you're having.

But I didn't stop there. A full third of the guide discussses how the ball behaves when you hit it with different irons -- complete with diagrams, of course -- and why you can hit certain shots with some irons and not others. There's even an explanation of how you can learn to control the distances you hit your irons so you can get the ball closer to the hole more often.

This guide is $4.99, primarily because it's about 50% longer than the first guide, More Golf Swing Speed. (BTW, I want to thank you guys for the kind comments I've received about it. Your enthusiasm for it has been even better than I had hoped. I'm glad it's been so helpful.) But like the first guide, there's nothing here that's not immediately usable, nothing that you can't use right now and see some improvement in your game. And the longer you use it, the more improvement you should see.

At this point I've got the PDFs and EPUBs ready for immediate download -- just click on those cover images in the sidebar -- and Smashwords has a page for it up already where you can download several different versions. Before I did this post, Amazon said the book was "live" but I couldn't pull it up in a search; their order page for it may be live as well by the time you read this. And Barnes & Noble still lists it as "processing," so it may be a couple of days before it's online there.

I hope you find this Quick Guide as helpful as the last one.

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