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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Flash! Yani Didn't Win!

I'll get to what should be the story in a moment, but let's take that moment to let this sink in:

Yani Tseng is NOT unbeatable.

Yani shot a 2-over 74 in the final round and was overtaken by several players this week. That sort of thing happens routinely on all the tours. The important question here may be why. Over the last few weeks Yani's game has seemed to be a little off -- not a lot, just enough to make her wins (and she has 3 so far this year, so let's not feel too bad for her) seem a little harder to come by.

I found this article about Yani at There's no date but it was apparently written right after Yani successfully defended her title at the 2011 ISPS Handa Women’s Australian Open, which would put it in February 2011. The article says:
"Tseng managed to play good shots despite being in pain throughout the tournament. Yani has been suffering from tendonitis since many years now. Prior to the tournament, it was reported that Tseng will be playing covered in Steri-strips and possibly be going though ice treatments. Sticking to pain killers, the player stays from shots for her condition."
That was over a year ago and Yani is still using those strips on her right arm. I can't help but wonder if the tendonitis has gotten worse and is now starting to affect her game. It's something that bears watching.

Ai Miyazato photo from LPGA.comOK, moment's over. Smiley Faces

Ai Miyazato won the LPGA LOTTE Championship with some pretty amazing play, didn't she? Three of the four rounds were played in some heavy wind. The GC crew disagreed on just how bad the winds were, but all agreed on at least 15mph. Gusts were much stronger. And yet she managed to birdie 3 of the last 5 holes to put this tournament away by 4 strokes. A simply incredible performance.

I also want to give a shout-out to Mariajo Uribe, who shot 4-under to finish T7. I've been trying to keep up with her since she won the 2007 U.S. Women's Amateur. She's from Colombia, like Camilo Villegas, which makes her somewhat unique on the Tour.

Next week the LPGA plays the Mobile Bay LPGA Classic, where Maria Hjorth defends, and the HSBC LPGA Brasil Cup is the week after that. Mariajo is the defending champion there. I hope GC covers both of them. Wouldn't 3 weeks of LPGA TV be nice for a change?

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