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Friday, April 6, 2012

I Put the Kibosh on Luke...

Just as I did last year. Forget the par-3 curse... you don't want to be my pick to win the Masters!

Luke Donald ended the day at +3 and was the victim of a scoring glitch that could have gotten him DQ'ed.

On the other hand, my "Players to Watch" from Tuesday's RGWR post did rather well. Sergio's at E, Bubba's at -3, and Louis is at -4. (Of course, I didn't pick any of them to win. Big distinction there.)

Lee Westwood has his first-ever lead in a major at -5. It's hard to bet against him, as he's proven to be a good frontrunner in other tournaments. Even Jason Dufner (aka the Waggler) managed to get into the fray, posting -3 on a course that most felt didn't fit his game.

Tiger, Rory, and Phil had struggles of their own which will presumably be fixed in time for today's round.

I will refrain from making any predictions about how things might go today, as I don't want to jinx anybody else.

On the bright side, I am totally free of blame for Phil's triple on 10 or Stenson's quad on 18. I take some solace in that.

As for Luke... well, last year he still came close to winning despite a rough start. He finished 4th. He's farther back after the first round this year, but I remain hopeful. Maybe he just needs the game to be a bit harder in order to break through and grab his first major.

I guess I've done all I can for him now. Smiley Faces

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