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Monday, April 9, 2012

The Limerick Summary: 2012 Masters

Winner: Bubba Watson

Around the wider world of golf: Believe ir or not, there was a little golf played elsewhere around the world. Scott Hend won the ISPS Handa Singapore Classic on the Asian Tour; and Andres Gonzales won the Soboba Golf Classic on the Nationwide Tour.

Bubba done good

At the last minute, just before the Masters began, I picked Luke Donald to win. I've already sent him my apology. In my RGWR earlier in the week I picked 3 players to watch. Sergio played himself out of contention on Saturday, along with his buddy Rory McIlroy and a bunch of other hopefuls.

But Bubba done good. So did Louis. They played off for the green jacket while the favorites watched from the sidelines.

Bubba's quote, "I dreamed about winning the Masters but I never made the putt" will probably become one of the most replayed soundbites of the week. So will his 40-yard hooked wedge from behind a tree out of the pine straw on #10 in the playoff.

But so will Louis Oosthuizen's albatross (I like that term better than double-eagle) on #2, the first ever on that hole, the first ever caught on TV, and only the 4th in Masters history.

There's just not much I can add to Sunday's drama. I will say that we probably saw two of the future stars of the Tour emerge from that playoff. Louis has clearly healed from the ligament damage that sidetracked his career after the 2010 Open Championship, and Bubba certainly seems to have turned a corner when it comes to being "skittish" under pressure.

Bubba's emotion was easy to understand, of course. His father Gerry -- whom Bubba was apparently named after -- died back in 2010 after he got to see Bubba play in the Ryder Cup. His wife Angie couldn't be there because she was tending their newly adopted son Caleb. (Angie told Kelly Tilghman by phone that she was amazed how well Bubba had played over the last few months, given the problems they had experienced involving the adoption.) And it all happened on Easter, which has both family and faith-related importance to Bubba.

What happens now for the new Masters champ? I don't know... but I'm pretty sure it won't be a straight-line journey! And I'm seriously considering a new nickname for him. What do you think about the General (as in Lee)? Smiley Faces

This week's Limerick Summary salutes all the colors of Bubba Golf (not to be confused with the "united colors of Benetton" ads) and the need for bigger dreams. (BTW Bubba -- you made the putt this time!)
A Bubba-pink driver to crush the ball;
A Bubba-bright passion that's off-the-wall.
And now Gerry's young gun
Has picked up a big one—
A Bubba-green jacket to cap it all.
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  1. The Constructivist has been AWOL over the weekend but he's back now. Some of the ladies, specificaly those on the JLPGA, contested the Studio Alice Ladies Open where Jiyai Shin had the lead going deep into Sunday's final round (she lead by four with three holes to go) only to close par/double bogey/bogey to giftwrap the win for playing partner Miki Saiki, who closed birdie/par/birdie on her last three.

    Kevin AKA IceCat

  2. Thanks for the update, Kevin. I looked for JLPGA scores (in English) but couldn't find them when I did the post.